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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are searching for, please do not hesitate to call or email us with your query.

How much input will you require from me?

Our process is designed to ensure minimal input from you. Send us your staff salary information and we take over, including processing your payroll, producing and sending your payslips to employees and even paying employees directly if you so wish find out more about our services. We will also liaise directly with HMRC on your behalf.By letting us take control of the process, not only do you reduce your workload, you also avoid non-compliance and hefty penalties, as our expertise on complex and forever changing tax and payroll legislation will ensure that you are always abiding by the regulations.

What is the set up process?

The set up process is very simple. We ask you to fill in a short form outlining all the information required, including salary amounts, payment dates and frequency and if you would like us to make the payments for you. We will also need your employer’s PAYE and accounts office reference numbers, however if you do not already have these we can set them up on your behalf with HMRC.Once we have this information you will not need to provide it to us again, unless there are any changes, which you will need to notify us about.

Is there a set up cost?

We do not charge any additional fees for setting up payrolls with less than 20 employees. As this is a lengthy process, there will be a nominal charge for payrolls with more than 20 employees. Please contact us [click here] to find out more.

How do I make payments to you?

In order to make the process seamless and hassle free, we request that you set up a direct debit. We will send you an invoice via email, once the payroll is processed, and debit your account the following month.

Do you charge an additional fee if someone leaves or joins?

No. If someone joins your company, we will set them up on your payroll as we do at the set up stage for no extra charge.If someone leaves your company we will arrange a P45 for them at no additional cost.

Can I choose how I receive my payslips?

Yes. When we set up your payroll you can choose to have access to our online portal from which you and your employees can download e-payslips. We can also email or post your payslips to you. If you would prefer, we can also email or post your payslips directly to your employees.

Can you pay my employees directly?

Yes. We have a BACS facility, and therefore can pay your employees on your behalf once we have processed their payslips.

Can you pay HMRC on my behalf?

Yes, we have a dedicated client account through which we can make HMRC payments on your behalf.

What if I need to make changes?

We understand that businesses are constantly evolving and consequently Willow Pay remains flexible to cater for our clients’ changing needs.Please inform us of any changes to your payroll via email or fax - see Contact Details

What if my dedicated payroll specialist is not available to speak to me?

Whilst you will have a dedicated specialist who will deal with your payroll and be your point of contact, there will always be at least one other payroll specialist checking your payroll once it has been completed. Therefore this person will be familiar with your business and requirements.

I only have one employee, can you still provide a payroll service?

Yes, many of our clients are sole traders or run director only companies. We offer our service to clients with any number of employees.

Do I receive summary reports from you?

Every month we create summary reports for your entire payroll outlining wages and salaries and income tax and National Insurance contributions. These reports can be designed for your specific requirements.We will send these to you via email every time we process your payroll.

Do I need to pay extra for RTI submissions and end of year P60s?

We do not charge extra for RTI submission.There is a nominal annual charge for end of year P60s.

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